Back from tour!

April 10, 2024

I’ve been back from tour for a little over a week! It was one of the best experiences of my musical career I’ve had yet! I toured with my friend and fellow songwriter Hannah Connolly and we had a blast. Here are some highlights!

Moss Beach, CA is an untouched paradise! Lush mountains, beach cliffs and rocky coasts. The beaches were so beautiful and the water was really wild and rough. We played with a local musician Ella Harp and she put together an amazing show at The Coastal Vine. We sold out the place! 

Portland, Oregon: The cherry blossoms were out! Being from DC, it felt so nostalgic – I haven’t seen the cherry blossoms in years. We teamed up with the band Sprig of That and played at The Artichoke. The place was packed and the audience was so attentive. There was actually someone in the crowd who live painted us as we performed and gave us the painting to take home (see below)! Check out this link to see the whole recorded show!

Quilcene, Washington: Oh my goodness, this was probably our most unique experience on tour. The De Koch family bought a farm in Quilcene over the pandemic, renamed it The Quilcene Lantern and decided to renovate it to be a concert venue, festival location and retreat and we got to be a part of their first ever concert! Friends and family or theirs had been working hard during the day, cutting down trees, painting and doing construction work and as a reward, Hannah and I, Sprig of That and a local band Caro Kann put on a show for them. It was a really special evening. They also served us delicious baked potatoes and chili which was such a treat. 

Boulder Creek, CA: This cute mountain town felt like taking a step back in time. It’s a small town surrounded by redwood trees and old-time-y buildings that make you feel like you in the early 1900s. The venue we played actually used to be a Brothel. This was the last show of our tour so we were a bit exhausted but the atmosphere at Lille Aeske Arthouse was so warm and inviting. The director Anil made us Indian curry and the most delicious chai I’ve ever had. The audience was made up of regular folks from town and were so kind. It was the perfect way to end our tour!

And finally, here are some pics from the tour! Hope you enjoy this little overview 🙂 

Playing with the amazing Tennessee Kamanski in San Diego, CA at Folk Rare Arts Records

Me and Hannah at Moss Beach

Someone in the crowd painted us while we played at The Artichoke in Portland, OR!

So much fun getting to hang and play with Sprig of That!

Playing in the barn at Quilcene Lantern in Quilcene, WA.

Super cute and sweet venue Lille Aeske in Boulder Creek, CA.