“Sequoia” Is Out!

October 7, 2023

This song was inspired by a number of things: the ancient California Sequoia trees in Kings Canyon, a breakup that I went through back in 2019, and an iPhone app that makes you looks like you’ve aged at least sixty years. Up until that point, I had been a relationship gal and the thought of being single felt quite scary but also exciting. I was looking forward to the possibility of personal growth, of discovering what makes me happy, pursuing new things, learning to be my most authentic self and enjoying a newfound sense of freedom. I felt all of that and more when I went to visit Sequoia National Park.

Writing this song was one of the first times I composed my own instrumental section on the guitar. It’s taken me a while to feel confident in my guitar playing so I want to thank my Dad for always inspiring me to practice and continue learning on my instrument.

I want to thank Tyler Chester for producing and playing on this song. Because of the songs subject matter and inspiration, I knew I wanted the song to have a serene, calm feeling along with a natural and organic sound. I think we did that! We recorded this one live with Sara Watkins and Abe Rounds. A dream team! Abe’s percussion is warm, deep and steady, reminding me of the sequoia tree trunks, while Sara Watkins’ fiddle parts are sweeping, longing and sometimes pizzicato. The ending evolves into a woven arrangement of fiddle melodies, at times on the verge of clashing, which I think reflects my state of mind at the time. It was such a treat working with these musicians. 

On the release day Americana Highways premiered the song and accompanying lyric video saying, “with its artistically wrought melody and lyrics, “Sequoia” is about the joys of being single, with the memory of romance lingering in the background.” – Americana Highways

I’m so happy to be sharing this song with you!

Music and lyrics by: Abby Litman
Copyright ℗ Abby Litman Music

Produced by: Tyler Chester
Engineered: Tyler Chester
Mixed by: Tyler Chester
Mastered by: The Bakery Mastering
Recorded at: Paperchaser Noho, Los Angeles CA

Acoustic Guitar and Vocals: Abby Litman
Piano, Bass: Tyler Chester
Fiddle: Sara Watkins
Drums and Percussion: Abe Rounds

Single Artwork: Piknik Press