Alright Lyrics

March 29, 2022

Driving past Douglas street Sunset blvd
I think I see you up ahead
Wearing your faded jacket, what would happen
If I said your name again
Would we grab each others hands like we used to way back then?

Wallpaper bedroom bluebirds floating overhead
Legs too long for that childhood bed
It was always back and forth from the place you called home
The job you thought would come never seemed to show
Did you find somewhere to go that made you feel alive
I hope you find somewhere to go that makes you feel alright

New day comes new questions creep in,
Am I doing it right?
Count down the minutes, when’s it gonna be my turn
Am I stopped at a green light
Have I missed the mark crossing the finish line
Don’t wanna waste it all, I’m gonna take my time
Not gonna waste it all, I’m gonna be alright.