Train Lyrics

March 29, 2022

On his train ride home today the ocean to his right
Can’t remember how he got there, only time to wonder why
City smog shifts to blue as concrete turns to sand
Pier lights on the water empty pockets hold his hands.

Hold his hands
Hold his hands

On his train ride memories in tow the ocean to his left
A collared shirt, a light blue sweater, clothes returning to his chest
Mountain landscapes turn to skylines seagulls now see pigeons fly
Yellow sun shifts to orange, he never said goodbye.

Say goodbye
Say goodbye

He begins to question life like birds question the night
He can hear them keep on singing, city lights brighten the dark sky
He wonders what they’re doing, who can hear their song
Sleeping people dream their days gone, with the birds he sings along.

Sing along
Sing along