February 10, 2024

“Steady” Lyrics

Returning to your arms

A steady place to land

Such an easy feeling

Floating in your hands

October 17, 2023

“Lose Myself” Lyrics

Everyday is fleeting but here I can be still

Like a window hardly opening but to the wind’s will

April 24, 2023

“Sequoia” lyrics

It’s cold in California

It’s snowing in the mountains

April 18, 2023

“This is Where I Stand” Lyrics

“This is Where I Stand” Lyrics

April 2, 2023

“Be Ok” Lyrics

I can’t sleep tonight, I’m thinking about dying

And the more I keep trying, I’m stuck

I can’t sleep tonight, if only he could hold me

I’d forget it all until I wake up


October 26, 2022

Lyric Drafts of “Troubles”

Lyric Drafts of “Troubles”

Alright – Abby Litman single artwork
March 29, 2022

Alright Lyrics

Driving past Douglas street Sunset blvd
I think I see you up ahead
Wearing your faded jacket, what would happen
If I said your name again
Would we grab each others hands like we used to way back then?

Train – Abby Litman single artwork
March 29, 2022

Train Lyrics

On his train ride home today the ocean to his right
Can’t remember how he got there, only time to wonder why
City smog shifts to blue as concrete turns to sand
Pier lights on the water empty pockets hold his hands.

Troubles – Abby Litman single artwork
March 29, 2022

Troubles Lyrics

I wish I knew if time moved back and forth,
Like a baby screaming one day turning too old.
Drawing a last breath, skipping your last stone
Ripples in the water breaking at the shore.

March 23, 2022

Ginger on a Trail

Fresh ginger underfoot
Roots lifted up by rain
Splashing over the canopy
Stopping every now and again
Mist and fog on the mountain top
Nothing can be seen
But a hard wind blow to see
Bulging clumps of green

March 23, 2022

A Lone Tree

What is it to be alone
A single tree atop a hill knows
Knotted branches
Lichen bark
People travel from very far
To lean against its trunk
And hide in its shade
To feel so very small
It is the natural way

Tiny Rock Tops
March 22, 2022

Little Tiny Rock Tops