Troubles Lyrics

March 29, 2022

I wish I knew if time moved back and forth,
Like a baby screaming one day turning too old.
Drawing a last breath, skipping your last stone
Ripples in the water breaking at the shore.

Sleeping, dreaming, same sheets since I left
Jersey covers, dollhouse, treasure chest
Have I given up, back to my old ways and childhood days
California never felt so far away

Troubles on my mind
Nothing makes much sense
How do I decide what happens next
What happens next

Sometimes I wake up, feel like someone else
Snow falls on the treetops window icicles melt
I am happy here, I can disappear
What’s another year in the grand scheme

Troubles on my mind
Nothing makes much sense
I thought I had it right, was a means to an end
I count the years that have gone by on my two hands
Troubles on my mind x3
What happens next?
What happens next?